It's a Badgerful Life (2019)

by badgerland



releases December 25, 2019

Album art lovingly crafted by Davey Von Stone, Kim Nguyen-Stone and their kiddos.




badgerland Ontario

Badgerland is a place for friendly people to make friendly music and post it for free online in compilation albums. It’s almost like an online open mic, but without all the awkwardness.. Okay, maybe there’s still some awkwardness, but not nearly as much.

If you are a friendly person that would like join us in our next project , hit us up on Facebook!
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Track Name: Badger! Badger! Badger! - Christmas is Near!
Christmas is near!
It's December 1st, let's put on the Christmas tunes!
Christmas is near!
Hide all the gifts you got for your kids!
Christmas is near!
Pull out the lights and put up the Christmas tree!
Christmas is near!
Find every door and put up a mistletoe!

So what are we going to do this year?
We're gonna have a Christmas party!
What are we going to do this year?
Invite our friends and family!
What are we going to do this year?
Make some Christmas cookies!
What are we going to do this year?
Write a song and sing it for all of you!

(Christmas meanderings)

Christmas is near!
What are we going to do this year?